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Arizer Air DLX Vaporizzatore

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Air DLX Arizer vaporizer with water tool (Water Tool)

Water Tool could not miss while matching Arizer Air, one of the vaporizers leader in portable sector. Now you can in fact receive it already combined with water to Water Tool tool, the very useful tool glass that allows you to turn your Air in a totally new experience.

If you are a user of sophisticated tastes, if you want the most out of vaporization, if you are among those who absolutely do not want affected by the slight condition dryness caused by the aspiration of the vapor produced from mixture Water Tool exhaustion is exactly what circles. Thanks to water vapor will be refreshed while keeping unchanged the richness, density and flavor, and without diminishing the beneficial effects of the session.

Do not wait, go to Water Tool!

And if you wonder why pair it with Arizer Air here is a little reminder of the amazing qualities of this great vaporizer:

Arizer Air: the basic features.

We waited so long and finally arrived here the Solo Mini, or the Arizer Air.

The first thing you notice is clearly the  half size compared to that of Solo . Air This makes it easier to carry and more discrete to use.

Designed to be just smaller than but not only less efficient, the Air fits in the pocket and is made with a solid casing to protect it from wear. More vents keep cool the unit even after the vaporization. A solid foundation surrounding the ceramic heating element, making the rugged Air despite its small size. This amazing product is designed to give the best in terms of durability, performance and functionality with minimal waste compound.

Efficient, portable and powerful,  the Air Vaporizer Arizer is an excellent candidate for the podium of future best sellers : it is in fact equipped with a heating element of high quality ceramic, glass parts, and lithium-ion batteries can be easily replaced. With an hour of use when it is loaded, the ability to vaporize during charging, and the ability to have spare batteries fully charged, the Air allows maximum yield of utlizzo both at home and on the move .. Compatible with dry mix for aromatherapy.

Air comes with a main mouthpiece short of much smaller than the Solo and with plastic tip copriboccaglio. The advantage of the short mouthpiece is practicality, the glass mouthpiece is rather preferred by those who want a more fresh steam.  Arizer  then did not want to leave anything to chance and  made the glass mouthpiece long compatible only with that of Air . So each user can obtain the desired steam with a small addition to the supply of accessories.

Air has an advanced temperature control system, is not digital but the practical perfectly colored LEDs indicate the attainment of the desired temperature.

The air heats up in less than 90 seconds and has  5 different levels of preset temperatures , a similar mode all’Arizer Only. The selected setting is indicated by one of five different colored lights to make it even easier to use
Level 1 (Blue) 180 ° C / 356 ° F
level 2 (White) 190 ° C / 374 ° F
Level 3 ( green) 200 ° C / 392 ° F
Level 4 (Orange) 205 ° C / 401 ° F
Level 5 (Red) 210 ° C / 410 ° F

Among the other features that I want to let you know there is the extreme convenience when removing the battery, it can just unscrew the bottom of the evaporator and remove the big battery contained.

The charge allows approximately one hour of vaporization. But the important thing is that  Air will charge even during use  and therefore the problem of long waiting times will never come.

For those vaporizes much on the outside or outputs program in places where it is not possible to recharge recommend purchasing a spare battery, you can never know!

It includes the following components:

  • 1 x  Vaporizer Arizer Air
  • 1 x  adapter mouthpiece Arizer Air
  • 1 x  water glass tool 14mm
  • 1 x  glass adapter 14 mm
  • 2 x mouthpieces glass / plastic tip
  • 1 x Plate Potpourri in glass with small samples
  • 1 x Protective transparent silicone
  • 1 x Tool for mixing stainless steel
  • 1 x Charger (always included local plug – depending on the country in which we ship)
  • 1 x User Manual

This product is intended solely for the purpose of aromatherapy

NB: as agreed in being the manufacturer reserves the right to take charge and manage all issues concerning the guarantee. Staff is on hand to help in the contact process with the manufacturer and to control the resolution of practical assistance. Contact us for any need.



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